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Recent developments on internet costs

A couple of useful recent news articles about connectivity you may find interesting/useful

CAB criticism of broadband ISP pricing strategies:

Hopefully reductions in fibre pricing soon:

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Liability for Internet Content

I have come across a number of HAs who are worried to one degree or another about liability for becoming, in effect, an ISP by supplying wifi to tenants. A disclaimer is of course a useful tool, but I'm re-posting an updated and expanded article which is legal guidance to FE/HE establishments, but should generally apply to other organisation types too. Hope it helps with any nervous ICT departments :)…


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Thoughts from yesterday's Housemark PIC East discussion on digital inclusion

Thoughts from Housemark East PIC event


Discussion seemed to show up a fair level of interest but also concerns about resourcing digital inclusion (as well as some questions about whether HAs should be prioritising it over other areas). For me housing associations are uniquely placed to help with many things other housing, although I recognise others see it differently, but I think digital inclusion for tenants is something that housing associations will have to grapple with,…


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Everything you want to know about £10/mth BT Basic broadband but were afraid to ask

So I thought I would collate everything we know about BT Basic+Broadband so far here to hopefully make it all easier to find:

1. '99%' of people should not have to pay line installation charges for BT Basic even without an existing line (see comments for more info on this)

2. Total cost is £9.95/mth but paid quarterly so some budgeting may be needed for some people (£5.10/mth for landline inc. £1.50 calls, £4.85/mth broadband add-on)

3. Has to be applied for using…


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A "master image" for tablet set-up...

Currently working on a set-up for tablets that allows us to quickly refresh to a known state including additional apps that will be erased by factory reset. If this is of any interest to anyone once I've trailblazed(!), let me know as I will be documenting on the solution I've come up with.

We're lending people laptops or tablets as part of a Big Lottery financial inclusion project, so we want to "pre load" a selection of money saving and monitoring apps they can have a play with (as…


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My recent experience as a customer of current Digital by Default

Having found that the DVLA have overcharged me for my new car, I found an enquiry submission form (by luck as I struggled to find it again later for reasons which I will explain!) and sent them a message letting them know that I had been overcharged and wanted a refund.

Imagine my pleasure - after I spent quite a long time filling out their online form with all sorts of details and typing a message - to receive a curt non-apologetic mail saying they couldn't meet their usual response…


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Internet Safety (particularly for vulnerable adults)


Are any other Housing Associations grappling with this? Looking at improving e-safety for our supported housing residents, using various strategies, but really would like to hear from others.


In early stages of trying to push for a regional (then maybe national) strategy for providers of services for ALDD, possibly in partnership with Getsafeonline...

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Digital inclusion, digital safety?

One area of digital inclusion that hasn't been mentioned much is digital safety - is someone digitally included if they are digitally vulnerable? What responsibility does an HA have towards tenant's safety? Clearly there is a responsibility of some sort in supported accommodation. It feels almost risky to raise - after all we don't want to scare off HAs getting residents online - but can we afford not to look at it? Other organisation types are ahead of us in this are in assessing and…


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Liability for providing an internet service

At the Strategy Group yesterday, I referred to JISC's legal information (which they are at pains does not constitute legal advice) regarding "ISP" liability for illegal content) which is here if anyone is interested

there other useful info on the site linking to it here   

I think this clearly goes against the grain of the…


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