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Surprised no-one has posted this up on digi housing hub yet (apart from the twitter feed), so time to rectify that! Looks potentially a very exciting and useful way of getting more people online (and not through a ropey unreliable and restrictive 3G connection at that!) but devil will be in the details I think

What are people's thoughts?

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Very interesting read. But as you say, the details are everything. If they really are offering to set folks up without any horribly hidden connection charges we might be seeing the start of a route that we can recommend to our tenants.

We'll have to watch that space!


Thanks for your post, I am involved with 'Internet Start' from a Tinder Foundation point of view.

You're absolutely right - there is no hidden fees (no connection, router or installation fees ect..), it's an offer directly aimed at the digitally excluded and the objective is to help people get online at home in a nice simple and supported way.

It's a pilot in the North West and the UK online centres are enjoying being able to extend their learners journey by being able to offer them a home broadband package which is transparent/jargon free and puts them first!

We'll await the results of your NW pilot with interest Greg. As I said earlier, it really could be the answer to our exclusion prayers.

So tantalising - hope this is a success and can be scaled up to other areas - if you want to run with a housing association we'd be interested I'm sure! :-)


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