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Hi all. Slightly off topic, but does anyone know of any sites similar to digital housing hub that are specifically about social media in social housing? Perhaps there's a page on here I've missed that is glaringly obvious! Cheers, Maria.

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Why would you want to go anywhere else Maria? I can't even conceive of such a thing! Seriously though, what questions do you have? Lots of the people here have great experience of using social media so I am sure they could help...

Hi Ben,

Thanks for replying. I thought this probably would be the best place to ask but I wasn't 100% sure!

Basically I'm most interested in hearing how other housing associations evaluate their social media presence and how interested senior managers and board members are in it as a communication tool. Do they take it seriously? Have they signed up themselves? Do they take the stats with a pinch of salt?

Measuring the value of Twitter is a tricky task. I know the personal value of Twitter being an early adopter myself, but proving there is a point to it is not always easy. I'd like to know how to make the figures mean something to senior staff. Does that make sense?!


Hi Maria

I'm doing social media training with several housing associations at the moment. Any questions, please fire them at me

Did you see any of the 37,000 #HousingDay tweets yesterday many of which showed how housing providers are using social media effectively?

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. If you see my reply to Ben above it covers my thoughts. I'm fairly confident I know how to use Twitter effectively; providing stats showing its effectiveness is what I'd like to know more about.

I dipped in and out of Twitter yesterday to look at #HousingDay, which I thought was a fantastic idea and I hope will take place again next year.

Hi Maria

For an answer to your question, I'd try asking the following social housing social media superstars on Twitter

Paul Taylor of Bromford Group  @PaulBromford

Nick Atkin of Halton Housing Trust  @nickatkin_hht

Kate Reynolds of Santuary     @kate_reyn

Thanks John!

For stats, one of the links here might help or there is a sister site to this one on digital inclusion research here

Hope this helps


TWITTER: #digihousing



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