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I will be setting up a group of volunteers at some point soon and will be issuing them with mobile devices. I want them to be able to use the devices for their own use, in additional to volunteering related activity - however, I also don't want to end up with massive bills!

Does anyone have good experience with a mobile broadband provider who will work with you on setting a cap? Is it possible for the volunteer to top up if they go over the monthly contracted cap?

Any other lessons from working with volunteers in this way will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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I think most of the main service providers will listen to your proposal. I suggest you deal with them over the phone rather than using their retail outlet. We have the option on our business contract with Three.

Good luck!

I've spoken to all the major providers who "can't" seem to offer capped mobile broadband on business lines, even though they can all do it for their private customer offers... A case of "computer says no"!  Looking at another deal tomorrow so hopefully should be able to post some good news to share :-)

Thanks for the reply :-)

Spoke to Currys, who advised that with regards to Sim Cards and My-Fi, EE cap data usage. So once the allowance is gone, the connection ends until data is topped up.

Have also been advised by another HP that GiffGaff are good, and they have been used successfully as data providers in their project.

Please do post nay news you may have :-)

No-one seems to have used them yet, but IP Solutions on the Connected Housing Initiative offer 2 capped products at under £10. Caps are quite low so it depends on your mileage as to whether it will work for you.

Hannah the product you mention from EE must be a retail offer or PAYG? For the small business offer, you get an online console with which you can block buying extra data but you have to register and turn block on, but it does not block 3rd party charges. I have been told by EE they have now put a charge to bar on our lines (they didn't bother to tell me this was even available for multiple calls to them to resolve excess charges!), but not gotten the email confirmation I asked for that it's been done. GiffGaff are often great for personal users (though difficult to manage if you don't also have access to landline internet so you can top etc.) but as far as I have been able to find out, you have to set up an account for each line separately with a different email address!

it is a retail offer - for volunteers, i think i can work out something with them re 3rd party charges - as long as its clearly written into the rold description and conduct. Very keen tho to find out more about the online console business option you mention - once you have got a named and reliable contact, please let me know.

Also looking for a good retail offer for that project i have been hinting at on Twitter. I heard a Moneybox Radio 4 programme where a user got a 2k bill via a Mi-Fi device and that was seeminlg y from the data use alone.

If I had more information (hint hint!) I might be able to help more!   :-)

This video looks like a digital strategy presentation to me...

Hi Hannah,

I am not sure if you got sorted in the end but we recently ran a Digital Champions training course where we gave everyone a tablet and 1G data per month. The 1G was capped to 1G each month and will be cut off after 1 year. For this we pay £6 per month for each sim card. This package was though vodaphone and this was as business offering as part of our corporate service. Feedback showed that the tenants agreed that 1G data per month was enough for personal use and to use to train others. We also downloaded Wifi Apps so that we could access free Wifi in all hotspots, there are loads of Apps that do this.I hope this helps.

Hi Lisa

I'm quite interested in exploring this a bit more- did you source through Vodafone standard business sales or elsewhere?

We need other cost control features (blocking 3rd party charges too, no roaming, calls or SMS) as well, as we're lending to users, not champions, but sounds promising...

Thanks Lisa, very helpful.

Do you have a named contact at Vodaphone? Would be much appreciated.


Kind regards,

Can someone in this thread please explain to me what prevents you from purchasing devices on a PAYG basis as this would largely solve the problem being outlined.

Also I have a mobile wifi device from EE on a business contract which offers a certain amount of data per month and stops working when the limit is reached, with the ability to purchase top ups. 


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