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Our HA has purchased a number of Linx 7 tablet (windows 8) to engage with tenants via digital means. While on the tablet I have noticed that when using our self service portal, when you press one of the tabs for a drop down menu to appear, this disappears as soon as you take your finger off the screen to select one of the options.

I have since tried a range of other tablets to see if it is the self service portal not liking the fact that its on a tablet however this seems to work on other devices. Have anyone had similar problems or know how I can resolve this? Scott

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For basic hygiene, I'd check the Chrome app is fully up to date on them and see what happens if it is not once it is updated (you'll need to create/appropriate a gmail account for this to use the play store)

...and you could also try using an alternative browser app such as Dolphin and see how that behaves, to check whether it is tablet specific, although that seems unlikely to me.


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