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What are your views on social landlords investing in broadband infrastructure and conectivity (clouds, fibreoptics etc) for residents homes (as opposed to in communal areas/ hubs)? I've attended a few talks where this has come up lately, and left with the impression that those who have gone down that route in the past are now deciding to invest their resources elsewhere (skills/ capacity building etc).

With gloomy predictions that the government will fail to hit their 'braodband for all'- target by 2015, and that rural areas will be particularly lacking in decent access- is there still a role for social housing providers in investing in infrastructure & connectivity?

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I live on a local authority sheltered housing scheme for the over-50s. I had an interesting conversation with 2 city councillors and a housing officer at a local forum meeting last night. My argument is that, with other areas of the ward where we live/work needing so much attention because of antisocial behaviour, criminal damage etc., it would reduce workload if we had connectivity in our communal area so that those with IT skills can either help themselves and others or pass on our skills so we can find info/support without recourse to a support officer all the time. There's a lot of goodwill towards us as we've been very proactive (raising our own funding, running lots of healthy and fun events etc.) and I'm hopeful today that something will happen.

Members here might be interested in this offer of broadband for £2 a month. Of course, there is a landline rental charge on top, which amounts to £14.50 a month 


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