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We are interesting in finding out how many households in Rotherham have an internet connection. (also would be useful to know how many don’t and where the hotspots of digital exclusion are).

Any body any ideas on signposting on who could help us find this info out?

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Hi Steve. Accurate information is difficult to track down, mainly because BT uses every house with a landline connection as a statistic, whether the line is used or not. Both Ofcom and the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have relevant data, but I think it is near impossible to break it down to local levels. And there is also the issue that many people use mobile connections these days when their house might be counted as disconnected.

You probably need to conduct your own research to get an accurate picture, and then you need to be careful what questions you ask.

Thanks John. Yes it is going to be difficult.  There is some statistics from ONS from 2015 and it can be broken down regionally but not locally

The issue of mobile connections i didnt think about.  Just without this baseline we are sort of working in the dark around any impact re digital inclusion.



I think you can make some assumptions about where biggest concentrations of digitally excluded people will be. Namely:

  • economically deprived neighbourhoods
  • older age groups
  • rural areas

But you need to dig under these headlines to find who is actually excluded 


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