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Just scoping out ideas for activity around digital engagement and health. Keen to find out what other housing providers have done on this topic.

Am particularly interested in activity that has got the whole household involved.

Thank you for your contributions in advance.

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Hi Hannah

I think breaking down social isolation through tech will improve people's health and well-being in itself. Beyond that, Skype consultations with health professionals should be becoming the norm (see this for a GP's views and remote monitoring of vital signs as well (see this from 2:40)

Hi John,

Thanks for the links and your reply, i like the Australian vision of a connected household.

I took a couple of i-pads to a health event so people could have a play with the Philips heart rate app. I thought it may freak them out a bit (its a bit like taking a long selfie), but people really found it fascinating!

I'm speaking to a couple of activity providers to see what ideas develop there...

2015 is the year of digi health :-)


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