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A group of social landlords in Gloucestershire have got together to map free internet access points and training centres across the county. We have been using a fantastic free mapping tool called Google Fusion tables. See our results so far here. To create this we started with info from UK online, exported that into a spreadsheet, updated what was out of date and then added locations that we knew were missing. Now we hope to work with local trainers, the county councl and UK online to take this forward, keep the map up to date and make it more widely available to other agencies and the public. If you are interested in this work, or if you have been doing anything simiar we would be really keen to hear from you! Email or event better, add a response to this discussion below.

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What I didn't mention was that the landlords are now going to be plotting all of our addresses onto a seperate map and adding the access points to this so we can see where our stock overlaps and also see where the gaps are i.e.- where there is stock but no nearby access or training.

Have you let the central team at UK online centres know what was out of date so it could be corrected? They'd love to hear from you! Please do send your corrections to and they can update the source data.

Thanks Ben, yes, I'm in touch with Gabrielle. I'm just adding more ammendments to the list after a meeting we had this morning. Once done I'll be sending this to UK Online, highlighting all the bits that have changed.

I think it is a great service you are providing, although you have much to do and I wish you well. I am carrying out an audit of UK Online Centres in my area - Edinburgh/Glasgow/West Lothian as time allows. I will feed back my findings based on your criteria in the pop up boxes. Is there a way for me to update the map myself?

Hi Ron, notice you mention you're doing an audit of UK Online Centres in Edinburgh/Glasgow/ W.Lothian. I'm in Edinburgh, hopefully still on the list (-still to check) for 1 location. Am in partnership with Viewpoint Housing Association, running beginner classes and a club at one of their sheltered housing complexes, as is KiTE (- also members of this hub, seeprofile). Couldn't list these as centres though as only available to VHA tenants. Do get in touch if can be of any help.


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