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I am looking to get the opinions of our tenants currently on a computer / internet to steer our digital strategy for the organisation. As our stock is so widely spaced and therefore very costly to bring everyone together was thinking about setting up a digital forum, has anyone done this / something similar and if so can you recommend any platforms to use?


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Hi Scott

I think you missed a crucial word?

Re.a forum, I'd suggest maybe use Facebook as many people might already have an account - you can set up a private group. The only downside is I have come across some people who have an objection to using Facebook, for example because they've heard of a murder that happened because of someone splitting up with someone publically on it.

Hi Scott

I agree with James about Facebook being your starting point. Don't expect everyone to come on board on day one, and, in fact, don't expect everyone to come on board at all. There will be some that hold out, because they are frightened of Facebook, there will be some that hold out because they are frightened to of sharing any personal information online. 

You have to create reasons for people wanting to engage with you. That might be because everyone else is doing it, and they are frightened of missing out. It might be because the specific information they need is only available via that means. And, it might be because engaging this way is fun and life enhancing.

In the first instance I think you have to start with the enthusiasts and cascade from there. But, also take advice from your tenant reps about what is the best means. I reckon we are reaching the tipping point where WhatsApp will take over from Facebook as the best means of engagement, and some groups might have already reached that point. Also, start with the digitally-savvy tenants, not the people on tenant representative boards.

hi Scott - we've found in all our work with housing associations that Yammer is a really good way of bringing everyone together on a private forum - it's like a private social network where you can invite certain people, share ideas, documents, etc. A lot more HAs are using it now. 

Wufoo is a very good tool for online surveys as well - it's free (at the basic end) and you can host the form on your site at the click of a button. 

Have you considered home training due to your sporadic stock?

Give me an email on if you want to talk further about any of this. 



Hi all,

Thank you very much for your messages, really appreciate the input. From what you have all said and researching it a bit more I have decided to shelf this idea for now.

Will let you know if I decide to take it forward,

thanks again,



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