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I am just putting some thoughts together on our approach to digital inclusion.  Wondered if anyone has had any feedback from the projects funded through the Digital Deal Challenge fund?

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the question - can I just check, are you asking what the Digital Deal projects would recommend to you as you develop your own digital inclusion strategy?  

You may want to check the 'organisational buy-in' section of this site for general tips and ideas.  Also, if you are interested in what the Digital Deal projects are doing and how they are getting on, then I would also recommend you reviewing their pages under the 'Digital Deal' drop-down menu.

FYI, most of the projects will be having their performance reviews during January and their pages will be updated with our interim findings so it will be worth keeping up to date with these.  Check out my updated against the A2 Dominion page for example...

Does this help?


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