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Digital Champion Reward scheme

Hi all, has anyone done an incentives for Digital Champions to get involved and teach tenants?

I know there is the Digital Champions network, 7 tenant reward scheme but I believe this is not available in wales therefore I am looking to set up my own version and was wondering if anyone has done anything similar? or if anyone can think of any good rewards I could use as incentives for Digital Champions to get involved?

Any help much appreciated,


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Time Credits are being used more and more widely.

I seem to remember some other project subsidised or donated tablets once champions had reached a certain milestone. Or maybe an Open Digital data SIM subscription?

Hi James,

Thanks for this info I will look into opensoluntions. At present we use time credits however if I'm honest all the rewards are based in Cardiff which can be a good 30 / 40 minute drive away from where some of the digital champions live and I know with time credits you can only use them on certain days/ times.

I was looking to offer more towards digital rewards e.g. XX training credits, tablets, refurbished laptops, dongles, fitbits in the hope of retaining volunteers

If you have (access to) a development worker, they might be able to look at providing more local credit partners - one of the cinemas in Cambridge accepts them off-peak and also one of our local arts venues, and I think the local sports centre. If there is a local swimming pool, they always seem to go down well.

Thanks I will contact the development worker as we have cinema, bowling, leisure centre, swimming pool all close by however are currently not linked to the time credit scheme.


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