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I have just been to a meeting with colleagues were discussing a project to install free WiFi into the communal areas/coffee rooms at our dozen or so sheltered schemes.

Whilst running through the options regarding infastructure, broadband packages, etc, one member of staff suggested that we could reduce costs by simply buying a domestic/home package and installing it anyway.

I responded by saying that I did not think this was possible, as any supplier would take one look at the situation and say that the coffee rooms were a public space and that a business package would be needed.

Does anybody have any similar experiences/info that I could feedback?

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Hi Matt,

I posted a similar discussion in April 17th - some useful comments posted! Hope it helps



I suggest talking to Peter Reed-Forrester of Community UK Ltd who has lots of experience of this sort of thing. He's on here and is @peterrfuk on Twitter

Hi Matt

I spoke to our ICT team as they've put in at some of our projects (e.g. young people's housing and residential) - the difficulty with a personal line apparently is they will require a name for the account and that individual will be credit-checked. They suggested you look at a business line from Primus if you want to keep costs low...


Hope this helps!

Thanks for all the feedback. It confirms what I thought. However, it always helps to have some back up when trying to convince a less "tech savvy" colleague that you are right!


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