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Hi Everyone

I wanted to know if anyone had used chromebook’s as loan or training equipment with customers? The lack of support requirement, low cost and 3G capability should make them a viable low cost alternative to a traditional windows PC.

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I've only used on in the office - we have it as a test machine - I really like it. I prefer the Samsung one. If you can guarantee you will always have wifi then it's great. Fast start up. Really light but a solid feel to it. Used with Google enterprise apps it's great. If loaning it out the people using it would need to know about Google Docs rather than Microsoft Office and know how to use Google Docs offline - but if learning from scratch as beginners they don't know any different.

you can actually do this cheaper. Install a lightweight Linux distro on a USB key. Then plug it into any old, broken computer. Get to the internet really cheap. Recycle your old hardware. Email me if you would like details:

Thanks Helen. I have a test machine also and have been impressed with its simplicity and ease of support. I’m still keen to hear from anyone using them with customers to see what feedback they received.

I'm trying out chrome books as part of one of my pilots with customers.  Anecdotal feedback is along the same lines as you mention - solid, easy, fast start.  We are carrying out customer surveys as part of the pilot and will be interested to see whether it offers an option for wider roll out.

Hi Evelyn

What model are you using in the trial? I would appreciate if you could send me an update once the trial was complete?





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