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Hi All!

This is my first post, and after spending a bit of time searching the net I haven't really found too much on this that is at least very specific.

I would be interested to find out about what other organisations have been doing to tackle the barriers to getting online, and whether you have found that the barriers are generally the same across the country? There are obviously common themes such as affordability, skills and connectivity, but have there been any surprises as to what has been found?

Thanks for any info you can share.


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Have a look under 'Organisational Buy-in' and 'Digital Deal' - plenty to get you started!

Hi Mark,

 The Digital Inclusion Social Housing Handbook might help. There's a whole section about barriers. As well as the ones you've mentioned above we've found that motivation is a big one - lack of interest, fear of getting started, negative perceptions of digital services due to things heard about Universal Credit etc.

Definitely worth a look (if I do say so myself!)


In our experience is simply awareness that the support is available in the form of skills training and at the end of a telephone, low cost/affordable hardware and internet access all of which we can help you with

people need to be repeatedly advised so that in their own time they will come round and make the call, trying to force someone to do something rarely works, they need the desire, hook or have a need

be good to talk


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