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I've looked at the apps page on this site but the Google Play user reviews range massively from good to bad!  Can anyone recommend an app platform or provider they are currently using and happy with?  Also if you have a responsive website do you really need an app?

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 Hey David, I agree the apps that are there appear to have been left undeveloped with release of new mobile operating systems. I suspect the reason is that it is costly to continue to develop apps so people are maybe reverting to developing tenant portals that are web based and device aware instead.

I'd agree with Tom. And I know some are looking at, or may already have completed, developing Facebook apps.

Hi Tom/John,

Thanks for your feedback.  I just find it strange that as an individual I complete a lot of transactions using apps (banking, utilities etc.) and never open up the full website version on my mobile device.  I guess like Tom has said, the cost of maintaining and developing apps is the inhibiting factor unless you have a big budget to support it!


I've noticed a few apps I use (actually should say have used, I've then replaced with a bookmark on my home screen to claw back storage!) are essentially fancy re-directs to the mobile version site anyway, which removes any need for updates.

Hi James,

That's an interesting way of approaching the update issue.  I wonder if you would be able to get an app in to the App Store with that kind of approach?

These have been apps I've got from the Play Store so I would think it'd be an OK approach for Android - I steer well clear of Apple if I can!   ;)

You can get App development Apps that might even allow this sort of approach very cheaply, I can imagine, though I've not looked into it. If not, there's a gap in the market for someone....

Thanks James, I will have a look at this in a bit more detail.

Couldn't resist a quick google! Throws up lots of interesting looking paths to explore...

Hey John, I'd be interested to know of any Organisations who have developed a Facebook app.

Yes David I think it is simply linked to the financial constraints of these projects, in theory it would be far more straight forward to develop a tenant portal for desktop purposes link it to web-services so it is seamlessly linked to a HMS. This was you just need to make the site device aware and any updates you make are really simplified to one platform.

Obviously it is a bit more complex than this but you got the theory :)


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